Mental Health & Wellbeing

We offer a range of support programs to assist people with a mental illness and marginalised members of the community to live well in their communities of choice. Wesley Mission Brisbane is working with an integrated approach to mental health (as with physical health) across all WMB services ‘Mind Health across the Lifespan'. We utilise a recovery model to support health and wellbeing while encouraging community connections and social inclusion across all our programs.

Clear Breeze Apartments, headspace, Art from the Margins and the Youth Foyer program support people who are at-risk of, or are experiencing, mental ill health. For eight years Wesley Mission Brisbane has provided the National Auslan Interpreter Booking Service; a vital service for the Deaf community. The Balmoral Community Centre on Brisbane’s Southside has been providing community members with a warm and welcoming social hub since 1978.

Mental Health at Wesley Mission Brisbane

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Clear Breeze Apartments




Logan Youth Foyer Support Service


 National Auslan Booking Service


 Balmoral Community Centre


 National Interpreting & Communication Services


 Art From The Margins



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